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You may ask What is Pro PDS ? Lets break it down!

Pro- We have 9 MLB teams that uses one or more of the Pro Power Drive System baseball hitting aids. Everyone of our products were designed to correct problems and teach the proper mechanics that MLB players have but, you may be surprised to know that players of “All” ages have these same problems and our baseball hitting aids can teach the “Correct” mechanics to the 7 year olds just like it does for the pro’s.

Power- Everyone of our baseball hitting aids “Teaches” Proper mechanics and hand-eye coordination to get every ounce of Power out of Your Swing or Pitches.

Drive- The “Lower Half” is where your power comes from. Whether it’s hitting or pitching. Our pitching baseball hitting aids teaches the proper mechanics and builds those mechanics to their maximum potential.

Systems- We have developed our hitting aids to where you can use one of them to correct one problem you may have or you can use them together and correct multible problems.


Is To Make Every Player The Very Best They Can Be At The Game They Love As Much As We Do !!!

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Baseball Hitting Aids

#1 Rated Hitting Aids

We have been rated #1 for years by the best of MLB, College and High School coaches and players around the world.  We are the “Only” training aids company in the world that “Guarantee’s Positive Results” when you use any of our products as we recommend.  Now we are in the “World of Cricket”. We are the very first company ever in the history of cricket to develop a hitting training aid to teach proper technical cricket test match hitting and T-20 hitting. Tennis & Golf is coming soon!


Our featured baseball hitting aids this month are so unique in what they do for the hitter.  The Pro PDS Fold-n-Go Swing Trainer Tee not only eliminates 4-common problems hitters of all levels have but it is the “Only” product ever developed to teach proper hand-eye coordination to make contact with the ball off all 3 of your power points with ever swing!

  The Pro PDS Stride Strap is so much more than what it’s name would have you think. It not only eliminates over striding but it “Makes” you “Feel” the stride to build proper muscle memory and believe it or not that’s not all, it also strengthens your “Flexor” muscles in your upper legs and glutes. By strengthening these muscles it makes you stay centered in your rotation and hit against your front leg.


Our Baseball Hitting Aids are One of a Kind products. Our hitting aids are used by high schools and colleges all across the U.S.A, Puerto Rico, Dominican and Japan.



Our Softball Hitting Aids are trusted and tested. Our softball hitting aids are used by Little Leaguers, High Schools, Colleges and U.S.A Teams across the nation.


News 11/12 //

Pro PDS has been in touch and working with the world’s best pitching and hitting coaches in Softball, Baseball and Cricket.
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